Ash & Beau

Discover our story: crafting safe and effective hair care products at Ash & Beau

Our story

Remedies from nature

Ash & Beau is a small family owned business conceptualized and realized during many late nights after the kids were put to bed and on weekends when we could call in favors from friends and family for some babysitting. We are a company with a mission to bring to the market hair care products that are effective, safe and beneficial to everyone.

The name is a play on our last name, Ashabo, as well as the idea that you can take something from the ashes (Ash) and transform it into something beautiful (Beau). After going through post-partum hair loss twice and then the onset of psoriasis that left me with an irritated and itchy scalp, I felt that a head of healthy beautiful hair was a thing of the past. Rather than give in to this new reality, I decided to start the journey to healthy hair and scalp.

Anna Ashabo, founder & CEO
Although I came across a plethora of products available on the market, none were quite the formulation I was looking for. I was not open to medicinal or chemical products that may have adverse side effects but was instead looking for something that was natural with measurable results. After becoming a mother, I have become much more conscious of what I put in and, on my body.
After extensive research, we came upon a composition of scientifically backed and clinically proven ingredients guaranteed to promote hair growth and scalp health. It’s time to grow the hair you deserve!

Our ingredients

Our selection process for ingredients was stringent and mindful of their effects on us, the consumers, and the environment around us. We included only ingredients that are not only non-toxic but also highly effective with science-backed results. Our criteria ensured that the ingredients are plant-based, vegan and clinically tested.

Our values

The closer to nature, the better– as with the food we consume, the products we use on our bodies are integral to our overall health. By using plant-based ingredients we avoid the harmful side effects of highly processed and artificial ingredients.

Be kind– this applies to every aspect of our lives and all creatures around us. Our product is vegan because we do not believe in harming animals in order to achieve hair health and growth.

One love – inclusivity is important to us and for that reason our hair oil is equally effective on all hair types. Whether your hair is curly, coily, straight, wavy, thick or thin, you can benefit from the product. All scalps and hair types will be nourished and support new hair growth with regular use of the product.

Science back results– we used only ingredients that are clinically tested and were proven to have optimal efficacy.